At Ezápé Naturals we use Organic and 100% Natural Ingredients to Formulate our Products. Our Range includes Body Butters, Balms, Bath salts and Body oils to Help you Nourish and Restore your skin.

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"A real skin saviour for dry skin"

  • hemp seed beauty oil

    Sorted out my face eczema within days!

    I had a bad eczema flare up on my face which lasted for a month and nothing seemed to help reduce redness/itchiness. I tried this oil and my face has hugely improved over the past 3 days! It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky texture like most oils do, it smells amazing too and is gentle on the skin. If you have sore, red patches then I can’t recommend this product enough!

    Check out the Hemp Seed Beauty Oil

  • Chamomile Body Butter

    I suffer from atopic eczema/dermatitis and just like a lot of people that suffer from eczema, I’ve tried so many creams, butters and lotions and nothing has worked for me all these years. This amazing Chamomile body butter has a creamy consistency and is the only one that has worked for my eczema, it has softened my hard eczema areas and helped with a little discolouration too. I’ve been using this body butter for nearly 3 weeks now, I wanted to give it a good try before writing a review. And it really is the best butter I’ve used. The texture of my skin is so much more smoother and I don’t have to use any steroid creams anymore. The scent is so calming before bed. Love your brand and looking forward to buying more soon. Thank you so much for making this butter. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Xx

    Check out the Chamomile Body Butter

  • Relaxing & Comforting 5*****

    Amazing bath salts that from the moment they dissolve leave the most relaxing & comforting smell in the bathroom. Extremely comforting and moisturising for dry skin. An absolute pleasure to use for a long soak in the bath, especially after a long day. 5*

    Check out the Lavender and Chamomile Bath Salts

Meet Our Founder

Ezápé Naturals was founded by Vanessa in 2017 after she formulated the Rosemary Body Butter to treat her daughter's eczema.  

This led Vanessa to become very passionate about helping others to treat their dry skin condition using 100% Natural and Organic ingredients.

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