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How I Treated my Daughters Eczema


My daughter had eczema from the age of four months, until I was finally able to cure it ten months later.

I was originally prescribed bath washes and lotions from the GP to treat her condition, but nothing worked. Her eczema only seemed to worsen. 

Then, I decided to try out recommendations from both a pharmacy and my local health store - yet still, nothing could make an improvement to her skin. 

I remember one particular product I tried - a wash that I'd been recommended. After using it on my skin, I was surprised to find that my skin began to feel dry. I couldn't help wondering how this product could possibly be used to treat eczema, when it'd made my skin so unusually dry. I felt that there had to be a product better than this - and I soon found out, that there was. 

I was at an event when I saw a lady there, selling natural beauty products. I bought a body wash and cream from her - and used the body wash on myself first. I was happy to see that my skin felt normal after showering - and soon chose to try both products on my daughter. Unfortunately, it didn't make very much improvement in her condition - but, the products did happen to ease some of the discomfort she'd been in.

At the time, my daughter's whole body had been covered in eczema - so disappointingly, the cream ran out within only a week, as I'd use it on her twice, daily. I looked into purchasing more, but found that the company stopped trading. The lady I’d bought from had joined another company, so I asked what the new company had to offer, and was informed that this company had a physical store. 

On visiting the nearest store, I explained my daughter's condition and was recommended a bath wash for babies' skin and a balm. But again, there was no real improvement in her skin, only ease from the discomfort. 

While searching for different products to help my daughter, I began to read blogs about caring for natural Afro hair. I soon bought some shea butter and coconut oil, to use in our hair - but didn’t get round to using them until I looked at the ingredients in my daughter's 100% natural and organic balm. It had only about five ingredients in it and I noticed that it also contained shea butter and coconut oil - which I knew from doing research, were both good for eczema.

Then, I began to wonder how I could make this balm better. 

I had two oils at home that we used for cooking. Olive oil and sunflower oil. Olive oil was already used in the balm, so naturally I'd opted for the sunflower oil. 

The balm didn't contain any essential oils, but I'd heard about the benefits of them and thought they might've been able to help. So, I added some of my diluted rosemary oil - which was the only essential oil I had at the time, since I'd been using it in my hair. 

This was the first time I'd attempted to make a DIY product like this - but after watching some helpful YouTube videos, I decided to give it a try. 

When the product was complete, I massaged it onto my daughter's skin just before bedtime - and the next morning, I was so surprised when I noticed that she didn't wake up with her usual dry, flakey skin. 

So, I continued to use my creation on her. After the first month she'd stopped itching, and within two months, her dry patches had almost completely disappeared! 

I was so happy to see that my product had done what so many others had failed to do. I'd cured my daughter's eczema.

Some of the things I felt that also helped her, was my daughters water intake, as she was only a baby at the time, and water and milk were the only things she drank. Also, I found using a gentle 'SLS Free' bath wash on her, was a great benefit. 

These were things I'd already had in place, so as soon as I'd began using my body butter on her, it took effect instantly.

Finding a body wash that won't dry out your skin is so important - as you don't want to be stripping the skin of all it's natural oils. 'Sodium Lauryl Sulphate' is an ingredient contained in many body and hair cleansing products - yet, it is known to dry out and even, irritate skin. It's important for people with dry and sensitive skin to watch out for this.

Another tip for keeping your skin happy and healthy, is drinking plenty of water as this will help to hydrate and detox the body and make sure everything function properly. Many people do not drink enough water and it shows on their skin.

But don't forget, using a great cream such as my 'Rosemary Body Butter', is an absolute must for getting rid of dry skin. 

You can order a sample pack by clicking here to see if it can make a difference to your skin too. 

I have three children, all of which have suffered from eczema that I have been able to treat and cure, using a variety of different natural ingredients. 

I hope I will see you again in my next blog post, where you can find out about the ingredients I used to cure them.

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Vanessa x


I received a sample of Vanessa`s Rosemary Body Butter not because I suffer from eczema but because I only use natural body care products that are really what they say, “natural” and decided to give it a try.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that only a small amount covers a large area of skin making it very cost effective. The butter is absorbed quickly releasing a pleasant subtle scent of rosemary.
My grandson suffers from dry skin and when he was a baby had an extreme case of eczema, so can I have a sample for him Vanessa?

Gem Goulbourne

Wow! Amazing story, well done on taking matters into your own hands. Look forward to seeing more!

Jana Stone

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